BT Contact Number: 0800 500 150

To contact BT simply call their freephone number 0800 500 150 for free and discuss your home broadband, sports, television or landline service with a helpful advisor.

Contact BT for free on their freephone number 0800 500 150 to speak to an advisor about your landline or broadband service. BT are also becoming an increasingly important player in the sports broadcasting market and have a subscription TV service, therefore if your television signal goes down you should call these contact numbers to get technical support. If you are an existing customer and you need to pay your bill, or if you would like to get your current account balance you can either call their 24/7 secure billing helpline 0800 433 311 or visit their online bills portal.

If you need to call BT from outside the UK you should phone their international contact number +44 179 359 6931, however you should be aware that this will usually cost you significantly more than making an equivalent local call to BT within the UK and the exact rate will depend on which country you are calling them from.

Important BT telephone numbers – at a glance

BT Department Phone Number
BT Customer Services 0800 800 150
Cancel your Service 0800 783 1401
Join BT and move your BT Service to a new address 0800 100 400
24/7 Billing Helpline 0800 433 311
Landline Support 0800 800 511
BT TV, Broadband & Email Assistance 0800 111 4567